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About us

Over 22 years with the pros

It all started with three of us in 2001

...we loved hockey but didn’t understand why we couldn’t get match results faster. If we didn’t have access to teletext or didn’t catch the evening news, we’d have to wait until the morning paper was published to see match results.

So, we started making websites for sports clubs and filled them with up-to-date content. Then we founded with the aim of doing even more and found tens, hundreds and now even thousands of like-minded co-workers who all share a common goal – to improve the news coverage and online presentation of Czech sport.

The goal wasn’t to do business

...we wanted to help people who like hockey and sports in general get to all the information they were looking for. When we started, we had no investor and had to take out a loan for the 200 000 CZK needed to set up a company with limited liability ourselves. It took years to pay off the loan and only seven years into the company’s life did we make enough to cover our own wages.

This clearly shows that our objective from the very beginning wasn’t to make money. We were fuelled by our sporting passion and our belief that our work makes sense. Today we have fifty full-time employees and work on projects in twenty countries around the world.

It's not just websites addition to websites, we’ve gradually progressed into fulfilling other needs of sports organizations – we’ve developed information systems, complex web portals, mobile apps, online shops and statistical systems for sports leagues around the world. We’ve also launched some of our own successful projects – has become a well-known web portal with text broadcasts, is a popular online auction site and a site that specializes in selling sports memorobilia

We always offer our clients

...a reasonable price that fits into their budget. The same applies for our project managers, programmers and designers – we always try to give them as much freedom as possible. They don’t have fixed working hours and can work from the smallest village in the country, whilst still being able to access our offices in Prague, Brno and Vsetín whenever they choose to.

All project managers, including many of our programmers and designers, started as club website editors. From the hundreds of our other editors whom we gave the chance to discover the world of professional sport, many have gone on to work as marketing managers, TV announcers and even run professional sports clubs.

Turnover in our company minimal. That applies for both employees and clients. When we start working with someone, it usually lasts because we do everything we can to keep our clients satisfied.

Our vision still the same as it was in 2001 when was founded. We want to help improve the digital presence of Czech and foreign sports, help them with digital services and most importantly help them reach the young audiences of today.


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